The Ice Breakers

Every Name Tag we sell offers innovative ways to get people talking.

Grouping Icebreakers:

Most of the name tags we sell includes three or four ways to group people and are randomized to minimize overlapping groups e.g. Not everyone with an orange tag will have the same shape or letter or word. When you switch the grouping mechanism the groups that result should be markedly different than the last group.


Feeling blue? Get together with other blue people (or red or green or purple or that same awesome design.) or get together in a group of eight and make a rainbow or design set.


Put on you polygonal hat and get into groups of different shapes. After that, you can also have them get in a set of eight shapes or do a round of angles and curves.


Counting may not be our strong suit but you can have participants get together in a group of the same number or have them get together in a group that adds up to 20 or 50 or 100 etc. whether it’s exact or Price is Right rules is up to you. You can also have them add up to primes or multiply themselves or any other math trick you’d like.

Letters/create a word

With letters featured on the name tag you can have your participants spell out any number of words in groups whatever size you’d like.

Chemical Symbols

These can be grouped into similar atoms, combined into molecules, or ordered based on the periodic table. With their atomic weights also listed you can use them the way you might use numbers (see above) or any other way you’d like.

Words/create a sentence

With a sprinkling of random words ave your participants come up with any silly sentence they can.

Mingling Icebreakers

Interesting facts:

Tell an interesting fact about yourself and then see who’s gone spelunking in Europe or who can belch the star spangled banner or who stared in a commercial as a child. You’ll learn all kinds of things about people you meet, even ones you already know.