Say Goodbye to Ho-Hum

We take “awesome” seriously. Our tags have been created by professional designers to spice up your get togethers with style, humor, and awesomeness.

Instant Ice Breakers

Meeting new people can be hard even if you know their name, so we’ve baked in icebreakers. Match colors and shapes or get together in a set of 8. Create words, sentences and more.

Fun Built Right In

We use disarming humor, eggregious silliness and good old fashioned fun to help you turn strangers into friends.

Something for Every Occasion

Whether your event serves outdoors afficiandoes, science nerds, or medieval enthusiasts we’ve got your left (and right) pectoral muscle covered.

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Not finding something? let us know and we’ll try to accommodate, or work with you on a custom design that includes your logo etc.